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GE VOLUSON S8 Ultrasound

Voluson Core Architecture

The powerful base architecture that provides exceptional system performance and enables future enhancements

Enhanced Workflow

Reduce keystrokes and increase workflow efficiency with user-centric interface and Scan Assistant

Volume Technologies

A comprehensive suite of 3D/4D features enable easy volume acquisition, interaction, and display

Sono-Automation Technologies

Easy-to-use automation tools streamline workflow, decrease exam complexity, and help increase consistency

Voluson Technology

HDlive™ Technologies

Utilizes a combination of advanced skin illuminating and shadowing techniques to display images with unprecedented depth and clarity.

Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI)

Adjusts slice thickness on 3D or 4D images to help enhance contrast resolution using bone and tissue rendering techniques.


Obtain any view from a volume by drawing a line, curve, poly-line, or trace through a structure enabling views of irregularly shaped structures.


Bi-directional Doppler feature that reduces overwriting and increases sensitivity over conventional color Doppler.

Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI)

Helps simplify analysis and documentation of dynamic studies by simultaneously displaying views of multiple parallel slices of a volume data set.


Automatically extracts and displays the standard recommended cardiac views from a single STIC (Spatio-Temporal Imaging Correlation) volume acquisition.

SonoAVC™follicle & SonoAVCantral

Sonography-based Automated Volume Count follicle /antral automatically calculates the number, dimensions, and volume of hypoechoic structures  for follicle monitoring or antral follicle count.

Scan Assistant

This flexible, customizable exam protocol helps reduce time required to conduct and document results by guiding you through an exam more efficiently, aiding in annotation, measurement, and reporting.

3D Printing

Explore 3D printing for rapid clinical prototyping, research, and parent bonding. Export files directly from the Voluson ultrasound system to instantly 3D print. Downloading directly helps save time and reduces complexity.


Designed for maximum security protection, Voluson SonoDefense is multiple layers of security. It enhances the overall security of your system and patient data with features like USB defense, Windows® 10 hardening, Whitelisting, and HD encryption.


ViewPoint™ 6 is a flexible and scalable ultrasound IT solution that helps you get comprehensive information about your patient and exam data, exam results, and the images you need–all in one view.


With Tricefy™ inside your Voluson you can share images instantly with patients and colleagues as well as archive your clips, images, and reports securely. Patients enjoy a seamless experience through the Tricefy Patient App.

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Interested in buying or leasing? Contact Us Today!
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