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GE AMX Navigate portable X-Ray


Engineered to deliver consistent, reliable results whenever and wherever you need it.

AMX™ Navigate is easy to maneuver while reducing stress and strain in positioning. Built on the AMX™ legacy of reliability, it provides a simplified end-to-end imaging experience, on-device AI for triaging and enhancing productivity, and comprehensive remote services. Make the move to effortless imaging with AMX™ Navigate.


Designed to help reduce the stress and strain of positioning the system

Easy positioning – The Free Motion telescoping column, the industry's first power-assisted telescoping column, reduces lift force by up to 70%.1
Streamlined imaging process – Zero Click Exam helps eliminate up to 100% of UI clicks.2
Lightweight detectors – FlashPad™ Plus† digital detectors minimize technologist strain from repeated movements and capture extraordinary images time after time.
Enhanced maneuverability and visibility – EasyDrive dual motor operation, a pressure-sensitive drive handle, plus a smaller tubehead and column height puts you in control.
Improved usability – A new advanced UI delivers image processing time in under 10 seconds, and the 21.5" touchscreen monitor contains a high-resolution display with anti-glare coating, making it ideal for viewing in different environments.


Featuring the first on-device AI solution for triaging and enhancing productivity 

Automated image analysis for critical findings – Critical Care Suite 2.0 (CCS) automatically identifies critical conditions and helps physicians assess ET tube placement.
Onscreen quality checks – Quality Care Suite 2.0 (QCS) provides onscreen quality checks to the technologist to help improve image quality and workflow efficiency for 85% of mobile X-ray exams3.
One-touch reprocessing – QuickEnhance reprocesses images with a different custom look with no additional dose to the patient, and is customizable by anatomy for multiple uses.
Uncompromised image quality – 100 micron FlashPad™ HD digital detectors, along with Helix™ 2.1 advanced image processing, consistently display clear images with 5 lp/mm resolution at low dose.


Continuing a legacy of dependability while broadening the scope of what mobile X-ray can do

Designed, built and tested – The AMX™ Navigate has undergone extreme product testing to ensure it meets the most demanding clinical expectations.
Intelligent remote service technologies – Features InSite™ remote service support and monitoring, eDelivery remote software upload, OnWatch™ remote monitoring and iCenter™ system analytic, keep your system running smoothly and securely.
Cybersecurity– Applications like anti-virus protection, intrusion detection, data encryption and storage, along with a network firewall, operate harmoniously to maximize uptime and system reliability.
X-ray Quality Application– Helps you manage quality assurance and uncover the root cause of rejected X-ray exams.

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Interested in buying or leasing? Contact Us Today!
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